Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter Break is Near!

But final exams are imminent. Yes, dear readers, next week I have finals, and I'm currently freaking out. So I just wanted to post quickly to say that I will get back to you AFTER finals, and to leave you all with what I personally believe to be the most gorgeous picture (of Blake Lively) ever.

Maybe you didn't know, but I'm head-over-heels in love with Blake Lively. I actually spend my free time trying to look like Serena van der Woodsen ("yeah, let me know how that works out for you").

At the Where the Wild Things Are premiere (hence the semi-themed outfit)



If you're obsessive like me, you can see the picture in a better size at

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lookin' Good in the Neighborhood

Ralph Lauren button-down, BCBG skinny jeans, Cole Haan boots, and a tie of my dad's

Joie top over a Velvet tank, BCBG skinny jeans, Burberry flats, Juicy Couture lipgloss pendant

Romeo+Juliet Couture jacket, top by Juicy Couture, BCBG skirt, Burberry flats

Hey, there!

The weather around here has just turned a bit cold, so it actually feels like fall now, though I guess we should be past that. Anyway, these are just some outfit pics I've been wanting to put up of what I've been wearing lately - inspirations come from Gossip Girl season 1, Lucky magazine, and my new jacket from Romeo+Juliet Couture!



Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Picking for Halloween!

Hello, my little ghosties and ghoulies! It's been a while, hasn't it?
Tomorrow is Halloween, and we're all excited - a holiday just for dressing up? Sounds perfect.
But what else is Halloween about? Of course:
Smooth -or bumpy and gnarly-, round, orange, and perfect for Fall. If they're good enough for Cinderella, they're good enough for me!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Dress, handmade purse, Dorothy Perkins tassle necklace, Prada boots, and light grey tights from... I'll get back to you on that

Love these Prada boots! But you knew that.

I'm going to be Peter Pan tomorrow, but, as usual, it's sort of a last-minute costume. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out (in other words, prepare for pictures with loads of green).



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Day in the Life

This is just a quick update because I feel super-guilty whenever I don't post. So just to let everyone know that SMG is still live and kicking...
Here's a series of randomly assorted photos depicting my everyday life (through vague snapshots of various outfits and items of clothing)!

Waiting to eat dim sum on a Sunday morning.

Madewell tank (worn over a tank by Velvet), Ann Taylor silk scarf, shorts from Francesca's, and sandals by Marvin K.

GAP tee-shirt, vintage bead necklace, Juicy Couture lipgloss pendant, J Brand jeans

My mom's new Chloe bag!

Gold Converse

I'll be sure to post something more substantial maybe later this week.


Monday, September 14, 2009

A Darling Dress, Dinner, and Dessert

As usual, I'll start out the post by apologizing for its lateness...
Sorry it's been over a week. For those of you who've been pulling your hair out and worrying about where I am (anyone?), I've been fine - just embarrassingly lazy.

But here's what I've been meaning to show off:

D+G top, J Brand shorts

I bought these on Labor Day weekend, along with some J Brand courdoroys.

Worn with a Madewell tee and stylishly bare feet

And as an extra-special update, I went to dinner with my family last night at a pretty fancy restaurant, and of course, used it as the perfect excuse to dress up.

Vera Wang Lavender Label Dress, Kate Spade heels, Juicy Couture clutch, Swarovski earrings and ring

You probably can't see from the picture, but I went with the color scheme of a basic (yet adorable) black dress, with silver undertones (silver nails, silver earrings and ring) and gold overtones (gold necklace, clutch, and heels). It was so much fun!

And, if anyone cares, the food was great (half a smoked quail, a pecan-encrusted snapper, and chocolate mousse on legs of fudge).



Friday, September 4, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Update!

Nothing much has happened this week, but since it's finally Labor Day Weekend, I'll probably do some shopping soon. This week, however, I did discover a trend that I liked, mostly from watching Gossip Girl re-runs: dark nail polish.

Now I know that burgundy nails came up in 2007, and again the next year, and so on, but I decided to do a different take on it with dark purple nails (in OPI's OPI Ink). Of course the nails should be short and neat - save the long, dark talons for the Adam's Family.

I also wore an outfit the other day that surprisingly caused a lot of talk in school. People in my school don't generally wear loud outfits, especially not sequins. But I adore a good sequined top, especially in my favorite color, gold.

Vintage top, Warehouse skirt, Miu Miu flats


Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Art and Style Poolside Fashion Show and Fete

Sorry I haven't posted in the past week - it was actually the first week of school for me so I was pretty busy. But yesterday I went to a benefit fashion show at one of the new condo buildings downtown with a friend.

I wore a Madewell top, Juicy Couture demin pencil skirt, and Chanel tote.

The fete was poolside.

They had some food (the mini cupcakes were my favorite!)

and quite a crowd.

They didn't have the actual show until around 8, and by then it was dark so sorry if the pictures I took for you are bad... basically there were cute day dresses and casual/sexy outfits.

It was a lot of fun, and for a good cause. I love going to events like these.

I'll try to keep posting regularly, although I probably won't be able to do half as much shopping to tell you about as I did during the summer.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Looking Forward to Fall...

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.
On Sunday I went shopping with friend (as usual). She had on an awesome shirt, and when I asked where she got it, she told me her mom made it! Her mom actually sews and makes clothes as a hobby, and made this top:

I didn't really find much shopping, but my mom picked up some great fall clothes for me at Ralph Lauren, all from the Rugby Collection.

Ralph Lauren Rugby polo, Ralph Lauren Rugby kilt, Prada boots

(I was originally wearing Cole Haan boots but I changed because I decided that the Prada ones go better with the skirt.)

These are actually my mom's but she lets me borrow them

The look is perfect for fall, what with boots and a felt skirt.

I might do some shopping today, too. If I pick anything good up, I'll let you know! (Obviously they don't call me "Shopaholic" for nothing!)


Friday, August 7, 2009

On a Hot Summer Day

Yesterday I went out.

To the Japanese Market

To my backyard

And to Neiman Marcus.
Splendid top (which I bought at Neiman's), denim shorts from Francesca's

I wore a Juicy Couture top, denim shorts, my favorite turquoise necklace from somewhere in Santa Fe, a jade necklace (worn as a bracelet) from Chinatown Vancouver, and a cocktail ring from Saks to go out shopping yesterday.

I bought the Splendid top pictured above as well as a red Cosabella chemise that I had my eye on at Neiman Marcus (where they're having their huge Last Call sale). I actually needed a red slip of some sort to go under this red knit dress that my great-grandma made me. I'll probably post about it soon.

And the bag I'm carrying in the Japanese store? She made that too.
Great-grandmas are awesome.



Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Shopping Odyssey

odyssey: (\ˈä-də-sē\) n. 1. a long wandering or voyage usually marked by many changes of fortune

Juicy Couture pencil skirt, Tahari top, Miu Miu flats, vintage turquoise necklace

As I mentioned in the last post, on Friday I went shopping with a friend. We really didn't buy much other than a lot of frappuccinos and iced chais, but I got MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam VI, as well as the denim Juicy Couture skirt pictured above. I love it - it looks professional and cute at the same time - especially with a shirt tucked in.

We were out shopping rather late - for a total of about 5 hours. It was way fun and there were actually a lot of sales. Most stores had an additional 25% off of all sale items, including Juicy Couture.
And actually, when we went there we discovered the new Juicy Couture perfume (you might have heard of it, I hadn't), Couture Couture. It's very clever - it somehow smells like both other Juicy perfumes combined. And the bottle is gorgeous.

Speaking of new perfumes, I've been meaning to check out the newly released D+G scents - Harper's Bazaar describes them as "distinctive and provocative." Sounds good to me!

So was it an odyssey? I'd say 5 hours is "long," and as for a change in fortune, well, I certainly have less money than I did before I went!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Just Checking In

Theory dress, Swarovski ring, tassle necklace from Dorothy Perkins, vintage bead necklace

I haven't been up to much lately, just golfing and a bit of shopping. I went to Neiman Marcus Last Call on Sunday where they were having a crazy sale - 50% off of all color-stamped items.
I got this Marc Jacobs cardigan:

and this little Escada jacket (type thing):

at an insanely low price.

I also got the sequined dress pictured above. Other than those purchases not much has happened. But I have plans to go out for shopping and dinner, and then downtown, with a friend on Friday... so I'll have a much more exciting post (hopefully) for you this weekend!



P.S. Sorry about the crappy photo quality... I was in a hurry so I took them with my webcam.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

La La Land

It's not like I live in L.A., or anywhere near it, but I've suddenly become interested. Some may call it obsessed. I never used to be, and I think it all started with me reading the Poseur series (love you, Rachel Maude), and was fueled by reading the A-List series, which is also fab.

I mean, it doesn't all appeal to me. I don't have that much interest in making it as a model, actress, singer, producer, director, agent, craft service, or valet... but I do adore L.A. style.

Some of the lifestyle seems fun. Living large - going to parties, shopping on Rodeo Drive, meeting friends and eating at exclusive restaurants and lounging by the pool. (People, I totally realize this isn't the average person's Los Angeles, okay? Humor me.)

And no, I don't mean this:

But, you know. Mingling and whatnot.

That's all good, but mostly, it's the style.

Casual but stylish, with light layers, boots, big glasses and a huge purse, I think it's the perfect look for a day out. It's effortlessly chic and totally comfortable.



Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phones and -yawn- School Clothes

I've been thinking about getting a new phone but I can't decide between a Blackberry Curve or a Palm Pre. You've probably never heard of the Pre, but basically it's a lot like the iPhone (which I can't get because I don't have AT&T), but sliding and with a QWERTY keyboard.

I know Blackberrys are mostly for business, I don't actually do business, but I still totally love them. Basically, I'm torn, so let's compare

Blackberry: they're cool, and business people use them (so professional). They look pretty nice, too, I guess (

Pre: probably better for me because I don't do business, with a touch screen and downloadable apps, and a full keyboard, which is nice (

But the Pre is also kind of an iPhone knockoff, whereas the Blackberry is a league of it's own, if I may.

I am unbelievably tired as I'm writing this so I'm kind of not paying attention to what I'm writing. Maybe it sounds like crap - I wouldn't know.

Another issue is school clothes. And I don't mean that like I outgrew my old ones and need larger versions of my old clothes (like when I was, say, seven). I mean, what do I want to look like this year? (Or, at least, the beginning of it, because towards the middle of the year I'll just forget about all that and go back to normal.) I have no idea what my theme will be, so how can I shop for new clothes?
Um, buy the ones that look cute?
But you guys know what I mean, right?


I don't mean "yawn" as in boring (though this might be boring, I really don't know), I mean it as in I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Officially Summer (according to moi)

I haven't written, but I have a good excuse this time (like, really good): I was on an Alaskan cruise! Yes, it was awesome. I saw a bear, eagles, whales, sea lion, sea otters, and dolphins as well as nice scenery. But now I'm back home and sweltering in the heat.

Anyway, I kinda wanted to talk about a bunch of things, including celeb couples. My favorite? Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle. Why? Because they look like twins! Or brother and sister... no, not in a creepy way. Please! I mean the dark hair and bold eyebrows. Just look at them!

Okay, so Joe needs to do something with his hair. But that's beside the point.

Not to be too ADD here or anything, but I'm going to change the subject because I really want to talk about sailor-inspired clothes. I'm talking navy-and-white stripes. I'm talking red, white, and blue. I'm talking crisp cotton short and cute tees and tanks. Anchors, ropes, the whole 9 yards. It's all just too cute - and perfect for summer. Simultaneously sophisticated and casual.

Here's a picture from D&G's spring (I know, I know) collection which is exactly what I'm talking (so much) about. I realize that was -gasp- an entire season ago, but I think it's fab for summer.

As much as I love that style, I think something entirely different is needed for lounging poolside. I'm not quite sure of that recipe, but I feel that it goes something like this:

hot weather + lounge chair + sunglasses + fruity drink (may be substituted with something exotic and fizzy) + magazines = amazing pool experience!

Of course, that's not perfected. I could use some tips (hint hint, leave a comment, hint hint)...