Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Phones and -yawn- School Clothes

I've been thinking about getting a new phone but I can't decide between a Blackberry Curve or a Palm Pre. You've probably never heard of the Pre, but basically it's a lot like the iPhone (which I can't get because I don't have AT&T), but sliding and with a QWERTY keyboard.

I know Blackberrys are mostly for business, I don't actually do business, but I still totally love them. Basically, I'm torn, so let's compare

Blackberry: they're cool, and business people use them (so professional). They look pretty nice, too, I guess (

Pre: probably better for me because I don't do business, with a touch screen and downloadable apps, and a full keyboard, which is nice (

But the Pre is also kind of an iPhone knockoff, whereas the Blackberry is a league of it's own, if I may.

I am unbelievably tired as I'm writing this so I'm kind of not paying attention to what I'm writing. Maybe it sounds like crap - I wouldn't know.

Another issue is school clothes. And I don't mean that like I outgrew my old ones and need larger versions of my old clothes (like when I was, say, seven). I mean, what do I want to look like this year? (Or, at least, the beginning of it, because towards the middle of the year I'll just forget about all that and go back to normal.) I have no idea what my theme will be, so how can I shop for new clothes?
Um, buy the ones that look cute?
But you guys know what I mean, right?


I don't mean "yawn" as in boring (though this might be boring, I really don't know), I mean it as in I am so tired I can barely keep my eyes open.


Anonymous said...

Blackberry. I had that before I got the Eternity and it was SO good. (:

Margaux. said...

I want a blackberry...they're so pretty and sleek.

morgan said...

I think you should get the blackberry (i have sprint too but i got the palm centro last year and im tryna wait till nex summer to get the iphone) :D

im still trying to decide my style for this year. i made a list of all the things i know i need in my closet. hopefully the style will just come