Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Favorite Runway Looks S/S 12

Nina Ricci


Theyskens' Theory

Love the light/dark femme-gothic looks at Nina Ricci, the ladylike schoolgirl asthetic at Carven, and the day-to-night city looks at Theyskens' Theory.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reading List

It took about five minutes for The Picture of Dorian Gray to become my all-time favorite book... I'm not going to bother discussing why because it's so many people's favorite book and it's been praised to death. Suffice it to say it was beautiful in basically every sense of the word and I'm in love with that dick Lord Henry Wotton.

Re-reading A Moveable Feast at the moment to get in the mood for Paris. I got my copy at Shakespeare & Co. and just thinking about it makes me giddy.

Planning to read The Beautiful and the Damned while on holiday... I'm always saying that Fitzgerald is my favorite author but sometimes it takes me a while to bog through his work so who knows how true that statement really is. Very much looking forward to this book, though.


excited for paris


Salvador Dali and Brigitte Bardot

Leaving this Thursday for a 10-day trip to Paris for spring break with my mom! I'm so excited it's insane.