Thursday, November 25, 2010


From top left, clockwise: locket ring by Free People, silver rings I picked up in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, a ring I got for 1 euro in Paris, and a hulking cocktail ring I got at Intermix.

Usually I'll wear one of these to add interest to my outfit, depending on the color scheme, theme, or feel of what I'm wearing, but today I just decided to throw them all on at once. Sort of a gypsy meets batty old lady style that I'm digging.



Dancing Dress

Dress by Xinya, worn with Juicy Couture clutch and Kate Spade heels

Got this dress a while ago from Neiman Marcus Last Call, and wore it to a few dances... it's really fun, though my mother did comment that it looks like an Olympic figure skating dress.

To which I responded, "What's wrong with that?"



The Lion, the Wedge, and the Wardrobe

I'm in love with these gorgeous new patent-leather Prada wedges!!
My favorite vintage belt: gold, skinny with adorably tiny little lion heads on the clasp

The other night I went out to dinner downtown, which was great, but I spent a majority of the time obsessing over my new Prada wedges, which are actually quite comfortable and crazy gorgeous - my mom found these puppies at Neiman Marcus.
Used the lovely little belt to cinch together a dress I fashioned out of an oversized netting/lace top from H&M worn with a gold sequined Free People slip underneath.



Sheer Genius

Wore this to school the other day...

My new Free People blouse and tank top, worn with Sevens skinny jeans, a Juicy Couture velvet jacket, my favorite new patent-leather Prada wedges, the usual chunky white Toywatch, and a necklace I "made" by putting an antique brass key on a silk cord.

I loved this top so much I got it in a cream color as well!



Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holiday Wish List!

The holiday season is FINALLY here, and you know what that means... yes, presents for family and friends, but moreover, a new list of gorgeous things I absolutely have to have!

1. Sequined party dresses (see Balmain, Pucci, Alice+Olivia)
Not that I go to lots of parties, but if I had a dress like this one, I figure the parties would find me!
Sidenote: I loved Emma Stone in Easy A - she was hilarious and so endearing! (Not to mention, she's gorgeous.) It's such a funny movie, I suggest you watch if you get the chance.

2. Over-the-knee tights and socks: insanely cute and leg-lengthening - what's not to love?

3. a leopard-print coat (a la Brigitte Bardot)
There was a good picture of Bardot herself in a leopard-print coat in Lucky a while back, but I couldn't find one online so I got the next best thing...
Yep. Kate Moss.

Anyway, these coats exude effortless glamour, and remind me of this:

Ahh, classic Season One Gossip Girl (what's up with Season Four? we can chat about that later).
Incidentally, it happens to be Thanksgiving today, so a big Happy Thanksgiving! to my American readers!

4. opulent flapper-style dress (drop-waist, fringe, perhaps some beading)
Anna Sui had some amazing ones last season (see right):

5. various boots: Victorian-style lace-up boots (see above, left), over-the-knee boots, and ankle boots

Mmm, just writing this list makes me want to go shopping...
Luckily tomorrow is the infamous Black Friday. Unlike years past I don't think I'll bother getting up at 1 am to go shopping... but I will pop into several stores once the sun's up!


Monday, September 27, 2010

Hey Street Boy, What's Your Style?

Juicy Couture top, Sevens miniskirt, Converse shoes, vintage silver bangle

You know that old Runaways song?

Yeah, I saw the Dakota Fanning movie, too.

Anyway, this outfit I wore to school made me think of it. Though the pictures turned out a lot less grungy than I'd hoped... admittedly, "grungy" is not exactly my thing, but I got this super-cute skirt so I thought I'd have some fun with it. The pictures turned out a little "runaway girl escapes to the woods and befriends imaginary fairies," but I think it's just the lighting.

I've been ridiculously busy, but there's more to come!



Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hey, everyone! I just got back from a rather long trip to Boston and NYC. Sorry for the lag in posts, but now that I'm back, you be seeing more of me!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Showers

Burberry coat, shorts from Anthropologie, flats from Galeries Lafayette

Went shopping the other day, and we had some light rain.

These pictures were taken before I got my hair cut... now I can't really put it in a long side-braid like that. But I like my hair shorter now, I'll post some pictures soon!



"Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall..."

I love this J. Crew sweater... it's light enough for summer and I love the sea-foam green ombre color. It's a bit over-sized so it's super comfy, and makes me think of clam bakes and New England seaside fun.

Worn with my favorite Juicy Couture cutoffs and Tiffany's gold key necklace.



Happy (Late) Fourth of July!

To all my American readers (do I have any?): Happy Fourth of July!

and to all my British readers: ...I guess your country was sort of involved, too... recipients of the Declaration and all that... so, cheers!

So I know the fourth was a couple of days ago, but yesterday I had a golf tournament so I'm posting today...

In celebration of our nation's birthday (only not exactly, but whatever), I went with my family and some family friends to Whole Foods, where we ate dinner and then went up to the roof to watch the fireworks!

I tried to dress in red, white, and blue (don't we all?)... regular readers might have seen this Juicy Couture top before. I wore it with J Brand shorts, some oversized red sunglasses from Francesca's, and my brand new bag by Loewe, which is this fantastic Spanish brand. The bag is just gorgeous, in this amazing chocolate color, classic design... thanks, Mom!

And I accessorized with my favorite gold anchor necklace from Tiffany's, some vintage gold hoop earrings, my white Toywatch, and my Marc Jacobs Lola solid perfume ring. That thing weighs a hundred pounds.

Hope my fellow Americans enjoyed the holiday!



Monday, June 14, 2010

Fresh Faces

Top by Madewell, tennis skirt by Adidas, Michael Kors flipflops, and Toywatch

Ah, summer! Sunny days are here again. And by that I mean: I need to get a better tan! That's really the only reason I ever go swimming - I treat each trip to the pool like some sort of chore...

To Do List:
-pick up dry cleaning
-buy milk
-sit in sun for 3-4 hours in cute Juicy Couture bathing suit trying to keep the latest W out of the pool water*

*I suppose this is my cue to remind everyone to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and whatnot, but I hold the belief that those warnings really only speak to a fraction of the population and it's rather ethnocentric to disregard evolutionary differences between people and their natural defences against the sun. But, you know, don't go getting skin cancer or anything - for many of us, the safest thing to do is slather on that SPF 50.

Anyway, this is a new skirt that I got for golf... I play a lot of tournaments during the summer. I played one on Monday, have another scheduled for next Monday. (Golf's the reason my tan is so awful in the first place - remind me to show you my insane tan lines later.)

Hope you're having nice weather and enjoying the sun!



Anyone notice how hot chunky white watches are right now? Check out my post-Christmas post and you'll see... I basically started that trend. (Hahahaha...)

Tie-Dye Cowgirl

Silk tie-dye shift by Rory Beca, turquoise necklace from Santa Fe, and vintage leather belt

First outfit post of the summer! Many more to come, but these photos were taken on a whim because I happened to like the outfit a lot after throwing it on.

The belt was my dad's, until I stole it a couple months ago, and he wore it throughout the eighties, so it's well-worn. I love the rustic feel of it and I think the yellowy-brown leather goes nicely with the reds and yellows of the dress. The clash between the rough leather and the silk is cool, too.

And maybe you noticed, this is the first time you've seen my face on this blog! I've kept it well-hidden until now, but I thought it was time to reveal my true identity to my faithful readers.



I'm a Big Liar

Yeah, I know. It's been forever... so sorry for that! I was just going crazy with finals, tests, essays, video projects, art projects, and all the other crap teachers like to throw at students at the end of the school year.

Lame excuse?

Okay, sorry for that but it's really all I've got. Thankfully I survived all the tests (am taking one class for credit over the summer but that hardly counts... right?) and now I'm here to post pics and outfits for you that are BETTER THAN EVER.

Why's that?

Because I'm finally revealing my top-super-secret-take-it-to-the-grave identity on DSMG! That's right, you'll all be seeing my gorgeous face in a few hours. That is, if you visit the site. (Don't expect me to show up on your doorstep, darling!)

Stay tuned for my swear-to-god-I'm-not-lying-this-time debut!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Au Revoir, Mes Amies!

Sorry, sorry, sorry that I haven't posted part II of the Vintage Treasures series! I suppose I'm building suspense... haha.
But the real reason that I haven't been able to put up pictures is that I've been so busy preparing for my trip to Paris! I'm leaving tomorrow and I've been SO excited. I can't wait to visit adorable shops like Agnes B., APC, or... Chanel. Of course, shopping in Paris is rather unreasonable, especially compared to prices in America, but I do hope to come back with a few nice pieces to remember the trip by! It will be my second trip to Paris and I'll be sure (I promise) that I'll post pictures and tell you all about it when I return on Sunday!

Of course, I can't speak French at ALL but I hope to have a great trip anyway (perhaps I can get a cute French tutor to help me... haha).

I really must go, but rest assured that I will tell you all about the trip when I get back! Hope you all have a lovely time wherever you are!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Exciting New Developments!

Hey, everyone!
I am just TOO excited, so I decided to write a quick post.

Here's what I'm excited about:
1. new Wolford knee-high tights (they work over-the-knee, too, which is just too cool) in a black Honeycomb
2. new tiny metallic pink kooba purse with a long, long chain that makes me want to go out and party (long chain purse = party?)
3. new dresses - I have 3 new dresses that I've never even worn
4. the first edition copy of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (the novel) that I bought on Tuesday and was printed in 1925
5. the dream that I had last night. Can't remember what happened but there was a waterfall, a pool, a hotel, and a really really high terrace in some jungle. I'm pretty sure a group of people and I were spying on somebody, too.
6. Kim Yuna's outfits (watch the Olympics, anyone?)! That girl is the bomb, and her one-shouldered LBD for her short program went perfectly with how awesome she is.

Vintage Treasures Part II is coming up soon, so stay tuned for that! And thank you to all my new readers - and my old ones! I love and cherish you ALL.


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vintage Treasures: Part I

Hello, darlings!

Yes, it is finally time. I promised you a vintage post a long, long ago. But this is going to be a two-part series because I went out and bought more.

I picked up a super-fun sequined vest (pictured below) in a darling cream color. It's such an easy way to spruce up a simple outfit.
Worn with a Juicy Couture top and True Religion jeans, with a belt from Intermix

And I had to have this colorful '70s suede patchwork mini! I love how bohemian-chic it is, and so versatile, too. Here I styled it as "classic sophistication with a touch of youthful spontaneity" [insert haughty look here].

Worn with a Juicy Couture velvet blazer, Cosabella lace-edged camisole, maroon tights, and Cole Haan wedge boots

I'll be back soon with more of my finds (we're talking '90s velvet dresses and statement jewelry)! Thank you all for being so wonderful, by the way!



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grey Matter in the Kitchen?

Hello, darling readers. It's been a while since I've posted, I know. But there's more to come soon, soon, soon! And I've picked up more vintage pieces that I'm DYING to tell you about, so expect a vintage post soon. Meanwhile, I've picked up a bunch of new things and I've become a tights-aholic.

So about the tights. Where I am right now, the weather's been about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, which is perfect for tights with dresses and skirts, in my opinion. I've been wearing tights more than jeans lately and I'm loving it! I'm wearing tights as I'm posting this...

Anyway, I've picked up a few pairs from Juicy Couture, and they're shimmery! (I know, right?)

Worn with a new Juicy dress

Amazing new ring from Intermix and vintage hammered silver bracelet



Yes, that's the kitchen in the background. Thought I'd do something new... and it was dark out.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Reminiscing Sunday Brunches as We Return to Mundane Mornings

One of the loveliest parts of a holiday are sleeping in until ten, and then enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed or a brunch with the family. My family happens to have an annual holiday brunch on a Sunday of the holiday season at the Four Seasons, and, as always, I leapt at the opportunity to dress up.

A gorgeous Nanette Lepore top worn with a Leifsdottir skirt, paired with my favorite gold Kate Spade heels and Juicy Couture clutch

Please be kind and ignore my lovely tanlines, darlings.

There's more to come of the 2009/2010 DSMG Holiday Recap!
Until next time,