Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Officially Summer (according to moi)

I haven't written, but I have a good excuse this time (like, really good): I was on an Alaskan cruise! Yes, it was awesome. I saw a bear, eagles, whales, sea lion, sea otters, and dolphins as well as nice scenery. But now I'm back home and sweltering in the heat.

Anyway, I kinda wanted to talk about a bunch of things, including celeb couples. My favorite? Joe Jonas and Camilla Belle. Why? Because they look like twins! Or brother and sister... no, not in a creepy way. Please! I mean the dark hair and bold eyebrows. Just look at them!

Okay, so Joe needs to do something with his hair. But that's beside the point.

Not to be too ADD here or anything, but I'm going to change the subject because I really want to talk about sailor-inspired clothes. I'm talking navy-and-white stripes. I'm talking red, white, and blue. I'm talking crisp cotton short and cute tees and tanks. Anchors, ropes, the whole 9 yards. It's all just too cute - and perfect for summer. Simultaneously sophisticated and casual.

Here's a picture from D&G's spring (I know, I know) collection which is exactly what I'm talking (so much) about. I realize that was -gasp- an entire season ago, but I think it's fab for summer.

As much as I love that style, I think something entirely different is needed for lounging poolside. I'm not quite sure of that recipe, but I feel that it goes something like this:

hot weather + lounge chair + sunglasses + fruity drink (may be substituted with something exotic and fizzy) + magazines = amazing pool experience!

Of course, that's not perfected. I could use some tips (hint hint, leave a comment, hint hint)...