Friday, May 1, 2009

Tutu Cute!

Nothing new has really happened, so I decided to dedicate this post to something we all know and love (or maybe it's just me):
As in tutus. And veils. Yes, I think they're fabulous. Tutus are so very feminine, and at the same time extremely fun. I mean, you can find girls in London subways wearing them with ripped tights and Converse low-tops, and it's still completely adorable. I find that what's best about them is how stereotyped they are. That material - tulle - is associated so strongly with girly-girls (ballerinas, old-fashioned movie stars, debutantes) that it's perfect for juxtaposition. Like what I was saying earlier, with the punky English girl, if you put tulle next to something tough, maybe masculine, like a leather jacket or gray jeans, it looks indisputably cool, simply because it's unexpected and unique in an eye-catching way.
I wish I had tulle in my closet- I don't have any. I'd love a tutu or something... I'd dress up and take photos, most likely. Or just hang it up and look at it loving. Because that's the kind of gal I am.
(About the picutures: the first one is a Betsey Johnson dress, the second, I don't know, the third, or course, is Marilyn Monroe in a tutu, and the last is an Alice and Olivia dress.)


Anastasia-Rose said...
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Anastasia-Rose Elise said...

Hey! If you dont look on my channel under the comments then in response to how much you put on: a little more than a quarter size dot for each leg. Quarter size for each arm. I'm glad I could help you :)
BTW: love tutus. wish they were everyday style.


Alex said...

I love this post! It's really interesting and I loved the detail... I never really thought about tulle before. You're so fashion-forward. Great writing style.

juheenuna said...

Gina, just sent you an e-mail to your gmail account. Please check it, and let me know.

juheenuna said...

Hey, just sent you another e-mail with our weekend plan drafted. Let me know what you think.