Tuesday, July 21, 2009

La La Land

It's not like I live in L.A., or anywhere near it, but I've suddenly become interested. Some may call it obsessed. I never used to be, and I think it all started with me reading the Poseur series (love you, Rachel Maude), and was fueled by reading the A-List series, which is also fab.

I mean, it doesn't all appeal to me. I don't have that much interest in making it as a model, actress, singer, producer, director, agent, craft service, or valet... but I do adore L.A. style.

Some of the lifestyle seems fun. Living large - going to parties, shopping on Rodeo Drive, meeting friends and eating at exclusive restaurants and lounging by the pool. (People, I totally realize this isn't the average person's Los Angeles, okay? Humor me.)

And no, I don't mean this:

But, you know. Mingling and whatnot.

That's all good, but mostly, it's the style.

Casual but stylish, with light layers, boots, big glasses and a huge purse, I think it's the perfect look for a day out. It's effortlessly chic and totally comfortable.



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Allison said...

Ooh, I love all these styles - I love boots with jeans! :)The idea of warm, LA weather year round makes me so jealous too!