Monday, September 14, 2009

A Darling Dress, Dinner, and Dessert

As usual, I'll start out the post by apologizing for its lateness...
Sorry it's been over a week. For those of you who've been pulling your hair out and worrying about where I am (anyone?), I've been fine - just embarrassingly lazy.

But here's what I've been meaning to show off:

D+G top, J Brand shorts

I bought these on Labor Day weekend, along with some J Brand courdoroys.

Worn with a Madewell tee and stylishly bare feet

And as an extra-special update, I went to dinner with my family last night at a pretty fancy restaurant, and of course, used it as the perfect excuse to dress up.

Vera Wang Lavender Label Dress, Kate Spade heels, Juicy Couture clutch, Swarovski earrings and ring

You probably can't see from the picture, but I went with the color scheme of a basic (yet adorable) black dress, with silver undertones (silver nails, silver earrings and ring) and gold overtones (gold necklace, clutch, and heels). It was so much fun!

And, if anyone cares, the food was great (half a smoked quail, a pecan-encrusted snapper, and chocolate mousse on legs of fudge).



Friday, September 4, 2009

Pre-Labor Day Update!

Nothing much has happened this week, but since it's finally Labor Day Weekend, I'll probably do some shopping soon. This week, however, I did discover a trend that I liked, mostly from watching Gossip Girl re-runs: dark nail polish.

Now I know that burgundy nails came up in 2007, and again the next year, and so on, but I decided to do a different take on it with dark purple nails (in OPI's OPI Ink). Of course the nails should be short and neat - save the long, dark talons for the Adam's Family.

I also wore an outfit the other day that surprisingly caused a lot of talk in school. People in my school don't generally wear loud outfits, especially not sequins. But I adore a good sequined top, especially in my favorite color, gold.

Vintage top, Warehouse skirt, Miu Miu flats