Monday, April 27, 2009

A Sketchy Weekend

This Sunday I went to an event, Sketch, which was a little fashion seminar for teen girls, with a friend. Fashion designers, boutique owners, and fashion journalists talked to us about their careers and the industry. It was an RSVP event, but I actually had an invite this time. It was fun, held at a cute boutique called Bows + Arrows, with some indie clothes and designers I've never really heard of (pictures above).

Plus, there was free cupcakes and cookies afterwards, and we had a drink while we chatted with the designers and journalists. It was really fun, and educational! They also talked about trends that would be in this season, and they said it would be boyfriend jeans and rompers (how on was I?).

The masquerade party was awesome on Saturday, in case you were wondering. My outfit is pictured above for you! (Sorry that my head's cut off, but see the previous post for the mask.) It went from 5 to about 10:30, and we ate dinner, danced, and socialized. Lots of fun!


Monday, April 20, 2009

A Masquerade!

First off: Wore a romper today - so comfy! It was totally cute and really fun.

But what I'm really excited about is this Saturday. I'm going to a masquerade Quinceanera (for those of you who don't know, it's a big 15th birthday bash, like a sweet 16)! It's going to be loads of fun. There will be dinner and dancing... and, of course, masks!

Funny, I was just telling my mother the other day how I wanted to go to a quince.

So my mask arrived in the mail today (we ordered it online), see it above. I'm wearing it with a cream/gold brocade shift dress by Elie Tahari, my gold Miu Miu flats (which, unfortunately, have taken a bit of a beating from my scrambling all over the place in them), and a gold Juicy Couture clutch.
As you can see, my color scheme is cream and gold.
Basically, that's it. I actually really need to buy some self-tanner (golfing has left my legs tan, feet white, and thighs somewhere in between)... any suggestions? I've never used it before, but of course I've heard terrifying stories about streaking and orange coloring and all that, so I really want to do it right.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me and Happy Easter/Passover to You!

My birthday was this weekend! And it was awesome.

I got some wonderful presents, including:

- 2 Juicy bathing suits (one's a halter-bikini with a skirted bottom in this fabulous yellow print with navy accents, and one's pictured above, except mine is a cream color they call "Angel)

- an adorable Velvet navy tank-romper (okay, I made that term up, but it's a romper with spaghetti straps like a tank top, and I mean Velvet the brand, not the fabric)

- a cute Juicy charm for my overly-adorned, 1000 lb. Juicy charm bracelet

- chocolates!

- some fabulous, sparkly bangles

- a gift card to Anthropologie (thank you, Kira!)

and more...

I just want to take a moment to appreciate how wonderful Juicy Couture bathing suits really are. There is nothing in this world more delicious than a Juicy swimsuit. At least, in my opinion. They are flirty and cute, with little skirts attached (a look I've liked ever since I was 3!), and in fun prints and colors. And I love love love the shirred swimdresses - so flattering to all body types, and kind of retro-chic. These babies are wonderful and stylish without being too revealing, and totally comfortable, too!

(Really, I should be getting a check in the mail from Pam and Gela any day now. All I do is advertise for them... but j'adore Juicy, I can't help it. Hehe.)



Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay, so I haven't posted in a while... but I just couldn't think of much to say. There are no interesting movies out (I think), I haven't gone shopping since I last wrote, and there's really not much to tell.

So I'm going to talk about jeans.

I could say I love jeans, but everyone loves jeans. Well, almost everyone. But even if you're really girly or really preppy or whatever, and I don't mean preppy in the A+F sense (please!), I mean in a pleated-skirt, button-down, silk-tie, knee-sock way, you probably wear jeans anyway.

I'm going to talk about my favorite brands.

J Brand:

These jeans are comfortable enough, when they're the right size (except for high-waisted ones, which I learned the hard way). The best type to get with J Brand are probably the dark, wide-legged ones. You can see Jessica Alba and people wearing them in, like, InStyle, and for a while they were really popular in Hollywood. I don't know about now, but if you're into the dark 'n' wide look (and it works better if you're tall or in heels, I think), J Brand is the way to go.

7 for All Mankind:
Ah, yes. These are what I think of when I think "designer jeans." They're a classic. They're comfortable and come casual enough that you can wear them without being concerned about things like dye bleeding (watch out for that in rich, dark jeans), rhinestones falling off (they stay on really well, haha), or not being able to run because you can't move your thighs. They come in all different styles, and if you're only going to have one expensive pair of jeans in your closet, I recommend 7s.

True Religion:I love these for the horseshoe design on the back pockets. It's their signature. These can be really flattering, but are generally low-riding, so they go around the widest part of your hips or just below (or at least they do on me). They look good, but can be a little stiff around the knees and thighs.

Paper Denim & Cloth:I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of these. They're not underground or anything, but not as famous as the ones I already mentioned. But these are soo comfortable and really casual. They fit like a glove (if you have the right size, of course). They're the best for those days when you ate way too many chocolates or you just don't want to squeeze yourself into anything.

Hope this is helpful or interesting for you guys. What are your favorite brands? I don't really know much about Chip and Pepper, Joe's Jeans, or Hudsons (and a million other brands I don't know at all), but I know they're pretty popular.


I've just written the word "jeans" so many times that I was starting to suspect it wasn't actually a real word. I had to Google it to be sure. (It is.)