Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blathering on about Books, Boys, and Brits

Really don't have time to write much now, sorry. But I've been reading some books lately (while I should be studying!) - Bridget Jones' Diary and now I'm reading Confessions of a Shopaholic.

I don't recommend Bridget Jones, really, unless you want to pick up British slang (which I do - someone tell me what "sod" means, please. I know it's rather nasty... but what's it mean?). Bridget is rather a sad character, and makes 128 lbs seem terrible. The romance isn't very good, mostly, and they're all drunk a lot. But there's some excellent feminism.

At first, I thought Shopaholic was awful because Rebecca what's-her-face is rather silly and has zero self-control. She can't manage money at all, and I find that irritating and stupid beyond belief. But don't give up hope - there's men involved eventually and then the plot thickens, and she does some actually smart things. But, like I said, I haven't finished.

I feel very strange, because I keep using words like rather, excellent, and nasty in places that I normally wouldn't. Why? Because of that aforementioned obsession. Didn't get the hint? Look at the initials of the title of my last post, and then watch the Narnia movies and google William Moseley. He's fabulous - pretty and sweet. And I think he has a six-pack, but I wouldn't really know. Anyway, in the end, I go through phases of obsession, and this is a package deal: WM and the UK, basically. If you live in the UK, maybe you think I'm a loser (would you be right?), but everything's just so lovely there! Like the manner of speaking.

Anyway, that's why I'm reading predominantly British authors. This post is silly, but that's what happens when you listen to Taylor Swift while you write. Maybe I'll delete this later - enjoy it while you can.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What I'm Loving Lately - I Adore May?

I know it's been way too long - and I feel awful.

So I'm giving you a quick update on what I've been into lately... Quick because I'm still really really busy (finals much?).


I mean English tea, really. I know my trip to London was, like, a million years ago, but I really fancy drinking afternoon tea (around 4, actually) - with half a teaspoon of sugar and some milk.

Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Did you know I love Peter Pan? I don't remember if I mentioned it (it's really been while). But I do. And for some reason, I adore leaf- or branch-motif jewelry because of this (he lives in the woods, wears leaves for clothes). Okay, does this reasoning sound silly? I'll try again.
I love how artsy but simple these pieces are. They're very stylish, but still so natural, and a lovely sort of effortless.

Star Trek
No, I'm not a Trekkie, but this movie is fantastic for just about everyone. Think this movie is just for 40-year-old nerds who live in their moms' basements? No. It's for people just like you. Didn't you wonder why they made Captain Kirk so hot?

This Picture
Saw it today in an old Vanity Fair... fell in love. I don't actually watch Gossip Girl, but obviously I know who Blake Lively is. I KNOW I wrote about tulle last time, but this just looks so graceful and glamorous. I love how she's wearing an enormous Versace couture dress and hasn't got her shoes on, and the fact that her face is rather blank makes it seem much more candid and less "Say cheese!" I just find this photo inspiring.
And do I adore May?
Sort of. I mean, it's a lovely time of year, nice weather and all. And it's almost summer! But there's FINALS, like I said. So it's a love-hate relationship, really.
There's a hint at one other thing I'm loving in the title. Actually, I'm obsessed. Can you guess it? (Okay, there's no way most of you'd ever guess it, but can you get close?)
That really wasn't quick at all, was it?

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tutu Cute!

Nothing new has really happened, so I decided to dedicate this post to something we all know and love (or maybe it's just me):
As in tutus. And veils. Yes, I think they're fabulous. Tutus are so very feminine, and at the same time extremely fun. I mean, you can find girls in London subways wearing them with ripped tights and Converse low-tops, and it's still completely adorable. I find that what's best about them is how stereotyped they are. That material - tulle - is associated so strongly with girly-girls (ballerinas, old-fashioned movie stars, debutantes) that it's perfect for juxtaposition. Like what I was saying earlier, with the punky English girl, if you put tulle next to something tough, maybe masculine, like a leather jacket or gray jeans, it looks indisputably cool, simply because it's unexpected and unique in an eye-catching way.
I wish I had tulle in my closet- I don't have any. I'd love a tutu or something... I'd dress up and take photos, most likely. Or just hang it up and look at it loving. Because that's the kind of gal I am.
(About the picutures: the first one is a Betsey Johnson dress, the second, I don't know, the third, or course, is Marilyn Monroe in a tutu, and the last is an Alice and Olivia dress.)