Monday, June 14, 2010

Fresh Faces

Top by Madewell, tennis skirt by Adidas, Michael Kors flipflops, and Toywatch

Ah, summer! Sunny days are here again. And by that I mean: I need to get a better tan! That's really the only reason I ever go swimming - I treat each trip to the pool like some sort of chore...

To Do List:
-pick up dry cleaning
-buy milk
-sit in sun for 3-4 hours in cute Juicy Couture bathing suit trying to keep the latest W out of the pool water*

*I suppose this is my cue to remind everyone to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and whatnot, but I hold the belief that those warnings really only speak to a fraction of the population and it's rather ethnocentric to disregard evolutionary differences between people and their natural defences against the sun. But, you know, don't go getting skin cancer or anything - for many of us, the safest thing to do is slather on that SPF 50.

Anyway, this is a new skirt that I got for golf... I play a lot of tournaments during the summer. I played one on Monday, have another scheduled for next Monday. (Golf's the reason my tan is so awful in the first place - remind me to show you my insane tan lines later.)

Hope you're having nice weather and enjoying the sun!



Anyone notice how hot chunky white watches are right now? Check out my post-Christmas post and you'll see... I basically started that trend. (Hahahaha...)

Tie-Dye Cowgirl

Silk tie-dye shift by Rory Beca, turquoise necklace from Santa Fe, and vintage leather belt

First outfit post of the summer! Many more to come, but these photos were taken on a whim because I happened to like the outfit a lot after throwing it on.

The belt was my dad's, until I stole it a couple months ago, and he wore it throughout the eighties, so it's well-worn. I love the rustic feel of it and I think the yellowy-brown leather goes nicely with the reds and yellows of the dress. The clash between the rough leather and the silk is cool, too.

And maybe you noticed, this is the first time you've seen my face on this blog! I've kept it well-hidden until now, but I thought it was time to reveal my true identity to my faithful readers.



I'm a Big Liar

Yeah, I know. It's been forever... so sorry for that! I was just going crazy with finals, tests, essays, video projects, art projects, and all the other crap teachers like to throw at students at the end of the school year.

Lame excuse?

Okay, sorry for that but it's really all I've got. Thankfully I survived all the tests (am taking one class for credit over the summer but that hardly counts... right?) and now I'm here to post pics and outfits for you that are BETTER THAN EVER.

Why's that?

Because I'm finally revealing my top-super-secret-take-it-to-the-grave identity on DSMG! That's right, you'll all be seeing my gorgeous face in a few hours. That is, if you visit the site. (Don't expect me to show up on your doorstep, darling!)

Stay tuned for my swear-to-god-I'm-not-lying-this-time debut!