Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I try to post everyday, but this week has been so BUSY for me. And I probably won't get to post again until, like, Sunday, for those of you who care...
I have soo much stuff to do. I don't even know if it's just my imagination or something, but I'm swamped. (How can that be my imagination? I guess I could be blowing it out of proportion.)

So I don't have anything interesting to say. Uh, today I wore a Juicy Couture pink, layered, velvet miniskirt (like a ballerina pink) that's actually basically too small for me (I used to wear it soo much) over skinny jeans (my favorite BCBG jeans), with my new Juicy tee shirt (black, reads "My Dog for President") and my new flats (which are grey). Lots of parentheticals in that sentence, but it was actually a cute outfit. If I do say so myself...

So I guess that's something to think about. Also last night I composed a list of possible winter outfits. Maybe I'll show you. Sometime when I'm not swamped.

Ok, I don't really write In/Out lists, at least not on my blog. But I will write a short one, just this once.

Freudian Slips/Small Talk
Secret Clubs/Freelance Gossip
Giving Gifts/Giving Thanks
So that's all for now, basically. I'll write later, when I can find the time. Ciao!

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