Thursday, December 4, 2008

This'll Be Quick

Well, thing is, there's midterms and projects and all sorts of stuff I have to do, and I have a debate tournament tomorrow that'll last forever, so I have to get sleep tonight, but I wanted to post anyway. Unfortunately for anyone reading this, it's not going to be long. Just ... uh, I was going through my mom's stuff she was gonna throw out and found a ton of cute stuff that I want. ("You have time to go through your mom's clothes but not enough time to write a good post?" Yeah, basically. Gotta prioritize. No, just kidding.)

Uh... so I got some new shoes today. My mom was gonna give them to me for my birthday, but wasn't sure if I'd like them, so showed them to me today. That's the shoe you see above. But I have two of them, of course. They're really cute and would go great with my new black dress (see 1st post ever).
Was this quick? I don't know, you can be the judge of that.

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