Sunday, November 30, 2008

Holiday Gifts: Teen Girl

So when my parents saw my blog, they were like, "are you advertising for Saks or something?"

Since I always like looking at lists of gifts people will enjoy, I'm going to write one. Right here, right now.

Perfect Holiday Gifts for a Teenaged Girl:
1. Sweet Spot Lipgloss from Hard Candy - because they're super-cute and sparkly
2. Vera Wang Princess - girls love this perfume (Too sweet for you? Try Vera Wang Flower Princess- it's less sugary and more flowery. Personally, I prefer it.) ALSO try Vera Wang Princess Perfect Pair: a lipgloss and a rollerball perfume set found at Sephora. A great stocking stuffer.
3. Urban Decay Stoned Poison Ring - a chic ring that opens up to store 1 pot of XXX Shine Lip Gloss (it comes with 3 interchangable shades) - I swear, I have always wanted a poison ring. No joke.
4. Urban Decay Shadow Box Skull - well, I don't know about the skull thing, but the colors are adorable and there are a variety, for different looks

1. Juicy Couture Ruffled Date Top - perfect for girls who like to look sweet or trendy. You could pair it with a girly skirt or some jeans
2. Ali Ro Paillette Tank Mini Dress - I don't know how parents would feel about giving this to their daughter, but I love it!
3. Nanette Lepore Tea Party Cardigan - again for preppy, sweet-type girls, not for everyone. But I just couldn't resist!
4. Jacquard Short Sleeve Pocket Tunic from Free People - so cute!

1. Toy Watch (any type, really) - bright, cute, and youthful, not to mention functional
2. Dirty Drama Stone Cuff from Juicy Couture - sooo sparkly
3. Large Monogram Gallea Ring, Yellow Gold, from Louis Vuitton - if you have the money and for some reason you want to spend it on a teenager, this is so pretty
4. Resin Cuff Bracelet with CHANEL Signature and Stripes of Strass - (see 3) it's totally chic and wearable

Oh, and by the way: this is just kind of a wish list for me... it's not all very affordable, but maybe it'll give you ideas.

I realize that I didn't put anything about room decor and things like that on this list, but maybe I will later. Guess you just have to stay posted!

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