Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving! (and Other Holidays)

Well, it's that time of year again. Yes. SHOPPING.

I love the holidays. The air is crisp and cold but the feeling is cozy and warm.

And we get vacation time.

I cannot wait for Black Friday. The best shopping day of the year! Time Magazine says it will be a bit of a bummer (at least for retailers) this year, with the economic recession and all that, but I still think people will show up on BF. Especially since prices will be great and everyone's trying to save money.

I'll probably be shopping all day. Ideally I'd hit like 3, maybe 4 different shopping centers, but I don't think my mom would be up for that... but I'll try to convince her about at least 2.

Unfortunately I don't have much of a list. I couldn't think of much for my WL (Want List), so maybe I'll just get whatever seems cute, or gifts for my friends and family.
I don't really need any new clothes... but I should get some button-downs and maybe jewelery or something. Whatever. I don't need a long list to have a great time shopping (and come home with tons of stuff)!

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