Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pre-Sale at Saks

So, for the first time ever, last Thursday began a pre-sale at Saks 5th Ave. They have never done this before, but due to our economic recession, they are doing anything to get the merchandise off their shelves.

And that merchandise has been flying off the shelves into my house!

If you recall, on Friday, I went to Saks with my mom to do some shopping. Well, today we finally got to take them home, and I got:
a little black BCBG dress
a Juicy tee-shirt
a Juicy purse
AND what my wonderful mother picked out for me when I wasn't looking:
a white Elie Tahari button-down
a Lacoste polo
a cute green tee-shirt

I am happy times 10! But there's more!

As it turns out, they did have the right size of the tee-shirt I wanted to get for my aunt. It's coming in the mail... sometime later. And now I have one, too. How cute is that?

Speaking of holiday shopping, I still have to get presents for my mom, dad, grandma, and uncle. I know what I'm going to get my dad and my grandma, and I have some gift ideas for my mom. But I have no clue what to get my uncle.

Well, I have time to think about that. For now, I'll enjoy Thanksgiving and the many shopportunities that lie ahead.

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