Monday, June 14, 2010

Fresh Faces

Top by Madewell, tennis skirt by Adidas, Michael Kors flipflops, and Toywatch

Ah, summer! Sunny days are here again. And by that I mean: I need to get a better tan! That's really the only reason I ever go swimming - I treat each trip to the pool like some sort of chore...

To Do List:
-pick up dry cleaning
-buy milk
-sit in sun for 3-4 hours in cute Juicy Couture bathing suit trying to keep the latest W out of the pool water*

*I suppose this is my cue to remind everyone to wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer and whatnot, but I hold the belief that those warnings really only speak to a fraction of the population and it's rather ethnocentric to disregard evolutionary differences between people and their natural defences against the sun. But, you know, don't go getting skin cancer or anything - for many of us, the safest thing to do is slather on that SPF 50.

Anyway, this is a new skirt that I got for golf... I play a lot of tournaments during the summer. I played one on Monday, have another scheduled for next Monday. (Golf's the reason my tan is so awful in the first place - remind me to show you my insane tan lines later.)

Hope you're having nice weather and enjoying the sun!



Anyone notice how hot chunky white watches are right now? Check out my post-Christmas post and you'll see... I basically started that trend. (Hahahaha...)


Sarah M said...

omg thats soo true chinky white watches are everywhere!!

the whole bf watch trend is huge also!!

i want one soo bad :P

Great post girlie! :D

-Sarah M

kumar said...

beautiful face looks awesome

Chloe said...

I gave you a Fashion Blogger Award, so come to my blog to get it!

Hannah said...

Love the color combinations in these pictures.

mAdi*cakes said...

i love the white watches :] <3
And I WISH I had a pool!! Sounds fun! Thanks for the awesome comment! :] Lovely post!~ Have a great weekend!


Corbyn said...

It's great to see your BACK.