Thursday, October 7, 2010

Holiday Wish List!

The holiday season is FINALLY here, and you know what that means... yes, presents for family and friends, but moreover, a new list of gorgeous things I absolutely have to have!

1. Sequined party dresses (see Balmain, Pucci, Alice+Olivia)
Not that I go to lots of parties, but if I had a dress like this one, I figure the parties would find me!
Sidenote: I loved Emma Stone in Easy A - she was hilarious and so endearing! (Not to mention, she's gorgeous.) It's such a funny movie, I suggest you watch if you get the chance.

2. Over-the-knee tights and socks: insanely cute and leg-lengthening - what's not to love?

3. a leopard-print coat (a la Brigitte Bardot)
There was a good picture of Bardot herself in a leopard-print coat in Lucky a while back, but I couldn't find one online so I got the next best thing...
Yep. Kate Moss.

Anyway, these coats exude effortless glamour, and remind me of this:

Ahh, classic Season One Gossip Girl (what's up with Season Four? we can chat about that later).
Incidentally, it happens to be Thanksgiving today, so a big Happy Thanksgiving! to my American readers!

4. opulent flapper-style dress (drop-waist, fringe, perhaps some beading)
Anna Sui had some amazing ones last season (see right):

5. various boots: Victorian-style lace-up boots (see above, left), over-the-knee boots, and ankle boots

Mmm, just writing this list makes me want to go shopping...
Luckily tomorrow is the infamous Black Friday. Unlike years past I don't think I'll bother getting up at 1 am to go shopping... but I will pop into several stores once the sun's up!


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Grace said...

I agree with you, Season 1 was the best; especially since they actually followed the books! And I'm lusting after boots, too.