Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy (Late) Fourth of July!

To all my American readers (do I have any?): Happy Fourth of July!

and to all my British readers: ...I guess your country was sort of involved, too... recipients of the Declaration and all that... so, cheers!

So I know the fourth was a couple of days ago, but yesterday I had a golf tournament so I'm posting today...

In celebration of our nation's birthday (only not exactly, but whatever), I went with my family and some family friends to Whole Foods, where we ate dinner and then went up to the roof to watch the fireworks!

I tried to dress in red, white, and blue (don't we all?)... regular readers might have seen this Juicy Couture top before. I wore it with J Brand shorts, some oversized red sunglasses from Francesca's, and my brand new bag by Loewe, which is this fantastic Spanish brand. The bag is just gorgeous, in this amazing chocolate color, classic design... thanks, Mom!

And I accessorized with my favorite gold anchor necklace from Tiffany's, some vintage gold hoop earrings, my white Toywatch, and my Marc Jacobs Lola solid perfume ring. That thing weighs a hundred pounds.

Hope my fellow Americans enjoyed the holiday!




Maya said...

I <3 the Sunglassess! soooo cuuute!

Grace said...

I'm American! Haha, I like your outfit!

Anonymous said...

Love the sunglasses! Very cute!