Friday, January 16, 2009

Manicure 101

What a treat- 3 posts in a row, huh? Well, it is Friday after all.
So I promised I would write about something more, let's say, universal. I will proceed to write about something everyone cares about (or should).


We all know that getting and maintaining manicures are not easy. We do everything with our hands, and it's insanely difficult not to chip or nick the paint on our wee little nails. (By the way, if you're nails aren't wee little, consider cutting them, because right now what's in is dark, short nails. Obviously, because dark long nails would be... trampy? Vampy? Something like that)

I got a lovely fresh manicure last Saturday, in OPI's Bastille My Heart, from their new France collection. It was gorgeous! But how did I keep it that way?

Well, I kept it that way for the first 3 days or so. Then it was all downhill. So maybe these basic guidelines and tips will help you with keeping your manicure looking good for at least a week.

Things to Avoid:
- Smudges from when the nails are still wet. Don't do ANYTHING while they're wet. Sit on your bum and watch TV. Don't even think about touching them for at least 10, 15 minutes.
- Bubbles. Seriously, if your clear coat has bubbles in it, it will look like your nails have little zits or something. I have enough of those on my face, okay? (Haha, not too many, though.) Make sure your clear coat doesn't put little bubbles on your nails. I don't think there's anyway to stop it if it does... if you know, please post a comment explaining how.
- Chips. Try to be gentle with your fresh manicure. Don't rip things open, or, you know, scrape them against the pavement. Just use good judgement, that's all.
- Nails growing out. Obviously they will and you can't stop them, but if they grow out and there begins to be a sliver of unpainted nail on the tip... cut it off. Seriously, not that hard.

That's all I've got for now! Enjoy!


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Kira said...

I always have a problem--when I get my nails done they will inevitably chip while I am STILL IN THE PLACE.
Anyway, thanks for the news on dark and short. I was meaning to cut mine anyways. Another thing to do on Sunday? Hmmm...
Well, you're really spoiling us with these blogs!
Thank youuuu!!