Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just Say No to Gum and Fanfiction

Two days in a row! Are you loving it?

So I've decided to quit gum and fanfiction. Aren't you proud??

I used to be a total gum-addict, but those days are over. I so don't want to get huge, muscular jaws. And it's not healthy to be addicted to anything. Sure, gum only has 4 calories per piece, but that's quite a bit if you're chewing constantly. Hahaha, counting calories much?

Fanfiction is just dangerous. I was reading a LOT of Clique FF, and even if the writing isn't very good, I get hooked. And j'adore reading, but carrying a book around is much more convenient than carrying around a laptop, right? Plus with books you know the writers are pretty good to at least get published, right??
I just have to go to the library and pick up some interesting books.
But oh my gosh I would be glued to the computer screen reading this crap. Don't do it. Just say no to

So I guess that's what's up with my life today at least. Hope this didn't bore you to tears. Hey, maybe it even inspired you to quit your disgusting addictions. (Come on, we all have them. For me, it's gum and recently FF. For you it could be... smoking or biting your nails? Ew and ew.)


Oh, and I promise next time will be about something more interesting. Not just my life. Comment if you want to be nice! But if you're trying to be nice, don't post a mean comment, haha.

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