Saturday, April 4, 2009


Okay, so I haven't posted in a while... but I just couldn't think of much to say. There are no interesting movies out (I think), I haven't gone shopping since I last wrote, and there's really not much to tell.

So I'm going to talk about jeans.

I could say I love jeans, but everyone loves jeans. Well, almost everyone. But even if you're really girly or really preppy or whatever, and I don't mean preppy in the A+F sense (please!), I mean in a pleated-skirt, button-down, silk-tie, knee-sock way, you probably wear jeans anyway.

I'm going to talk about my favorite brands.

J Brand:

These jeans are comfortable enough, when they're the right size (except for high-waisted ones, which I learned the hard way). The best type to get with J Brand are probably the dark, wide-legged ones. You can see Jessica Alba and people wearing them in, like, InStyle, and for a while they were really popular in Hollywood. I don't know about now, but if you're into the dark 'n' wide look (and it works better if you're tall or in heels, I think), J Brand is the way to go.

7 for All Mankind:
Ah, yes. These are what I think of when I think "designer jeans." They're a classic. They're comfortable and come casual enough that you can wear them without being concerned about things like dye bleeding (watch out for that in rich, dark jeans), rhinestones falling off (they stay on really well, haha), or not being able to run because you can't move your thighs. They come in all different styles, and if you're only going to have one expensive pair of jeans in your closet, I recommend 7s.

True Religion:I love these for the horseshoe design on the back pockets. It's their signature. These can be really flattering, but are generally low-riding, so they go around the widest part of your hips or just below (or at least they do on me). They look good, but can be a little stiff around the knees and thighs.

Paper Denim & Cloth:I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of these. They're not underground or anything, but not as famous as the ones I already mentioned. But these are soo comfortable and really casual. They fit like a glove (if you have the right size, of course). They're the best for those days when you ate way too many chocolates or you just don't want to squeeze yourself into anything.

Hope this is helpful or interesting for you guys. What are your favorite brands? I don't really know much about Chip and Pepper, Joe's Jeans, or Hudsons (and a million other brands I don't know at all), but I know they're pretty popular.


I've just written the word "jeans" so many times that I was starting to suspect it wasn't actually a real word. I had to Google it to be sure. (It is.)

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