Thursday, March 26, 2009

Impromtu Shopping Trip!

Tonight I went shopping!
I know it's a school night, but my mom had to make a return, so she took me and my grandma to Neiman Marcus Last Call - the home and mothership of all sales and brand names. Love that place. My grandma got Frye boots (no joke - and for like $30), and my mom got some awesome knee-high boots (pictured above, but hers are brown). They're my size, too... and look great on me, too (we've decided to share... hehe). As for myself, I got some gold Miu Miu flats (above) and pink-framed Juicy sunglasses. They were such good deals, you wouldn't believe!
If you have a Last Call anywhere within 50 miles of your house, you should get yourself down there! I know the economy's bad, but if you still want to shop (and you have the cash), that's the place to go. Because we're all cutting back on spending... but that doesn't mean cutting back on shopping. They'll give you 20% off your entire purchase, and if that isn't a good way to shop, I don't know what is.


You see those white-and-gold Tory Burch heels in the title pic? I BOUGHT THEM. A while back. They are my love! Those shoes are to me like Edward Cullen is to Bella. They are too high for me to wear, really, but they are in my closet... waiting about 5-10 years. Hahaha! (Wild and overexcited laugter)


Kira said...

You. Me. There.
It's a date.

Anonymous said...

Become a fan on facebook and you will know about sales like this all the time! :)

Anonymous said...

How AH-dorable! So cute, loving the Miu Miu Flats-gushing actually(: