Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Movie I LOVE

Happy Valentine's Day, all! Ahh... love. Okay, not really. There is zero love flying around me this V-day. But it's still good.

Anyway, in honor of this lovely occasion (hahaha...) I would like to discuss a wonderful romantic comedy that came out exactly two years ago - Valentine's Day, 2007.
Yes- Music and Lyrics. Also known as my new all-time favorite romantic comedy - and those are my favorite types of movies, too!

Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant have adorable chemistry in this movie. I would describe the plot, but you can find that out at or somewhere else on the web. The plot is carried out so well in this movie- it's progressive and not predictable at all - in most romantic comedies it takes about 3 scenes for the protagonists to fall in love. This movie does it in a slow, natural way that is sweet and just darling. There are little backstories to each of the characters, and their personas have a lot more depth to them. The supporting characters are hilarious, and there is funny banter between the two stars, too. The lines are clever, and the characters both have quirks that make them less than perfect, but more like real people.
The soundtrack is also great, with cute '80s-style songs and wonderful love ballads (and yes, with great music and lyrics).

And Hugh Grant is hot.

Overall, I love the movie! If you haven't seen it yet, you need to.

And I hope my readers don't mind that most of the movies I review are kind of ... old. Haha. I want to see Confessions of a Shopaholic, of course, but it doesn't look that great. The timing, of course, is terrible. The middle of a huge economic recession, and they spit out a movie about a girl addicted to spending, with no concept of srimping or saving? Great.

Anyway, hope you all have/had a good Valentine's day!


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Katie said...

i love hugh, he's my boy

reply: thanks! that's actually my friend brooke.