Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Hello, hello! The new year is finally here, and it's 2010 now. I'm sure we're all exhausted from parties, presents, and other festivities, and ruefully returning to our daily lives. My winter vacation has either been totally crazy or totally lazy, it's hard to tell. But either way, I have much to tell you, and over the next few days I won't hesitate to do so - I have plenty of new clothes, new outfits, and tons of accessories that Santa was so generous to give me.

Christmas day was fun but uneventful for me, as I was recovering from a nasty stomach virus from the day before. But I managed to document some new gifts and new occurrences to keep you all up to speed.

So on Christmas day I wore an emerald green, cashmere Catherine Malandrino sweater-dress, to match the tree, of course, and with my new Toy Watch (a pristine white, with a shimmering mother-of-pearl face and crystals) and a gold bangle cuff from Francesca's.

And how am I showing you these lovely items, you might ask? With my new Nikon digital camera, compliments of my grandmother (thanks!).

Like I said, over the next few days we can relive the glorious vacation (I hope yours was glorious, anyway) and the exciting things that happened over it, so stay tuned!

Want a peek of what to come? We're talking vintage treasures, summer dresses, shorts, and sandals, high fashion for hotel brunches, and other fabulous outfits!


Anonymous said...

Loving the dress and the watch! So pretty(:

Hope you had a great holiday!


Grace said...

A cashmere sweater dress-how lovely. That new camera is soo cool.

Calvin Ling said...

Nice watch! It's always nice to get a new one.