Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Twilight Movie

This afternoon/evening I went to the mall with some friends to shop around and watch Twilight, which came out yesterday. (All I bought was a nail buffer from Sephora.) I didn't really expect the movie to be good... and it wasn't. I'm a fan of the books, especially the first one, and the movie really didn't do it justice. I mean, I don't even think Robert Pattinson is that hot. And the acting was mediocre. It was depressing and dark, with none of the comic relief and attitude of the book. Movie Bella was a bored and depressed sort of person, and you couldn't tell that she was actually in love with Edward. And you couldn't really tell that Movie Edward was in love with her, either. It just suddenly happened, and you're like "What?"

I don't regret seeing it, because I was curious. But there was none of the sweet and awkward forbidden romance of the actual novel.

I also didn't like the interaction between her and her father, Charlie. It was cute how he gave her pepperspray and all that, but most of the time he was very detached from her, sort of like an uncle you don't know that well, or a stepdad you're not close with.

But the baseball scene was good. Definitely the best. (You should see how Alice pitches!)


Fashionistapink said...

nice to know

Kira said...

the movie sucked. except if you think rob is a sexy beast. which he is. so it was good.