Friday, November 21, 2008

Hey, People

Shopaholic Material Girl... that would be me? Hahaha, not really... I love shopping, and who doesn't love material?
I guess this blog will be about my life - or just my shopping/clothing/accessories. Designers and all that.

So: tonight I went shopping at Saks after school. It was a pre-sale, and I got an adorable Juicy Couture tee-shirt that says "My Dog for President" that I will either keep or give to my aunt for Christmas (she has the cutest dog, I swear!), a Juicy black velour purse (by the way, j'adore Juicy Couture), and a gorgeous black BCBG dress that's kinda casual, kinda fancy. I adore BCBG, too.

What I Wore Today (if you care): BCBG skinny jeans, a purple Madewell tee, brown Juicy flats that I looove, and a red Bebe dress-trench (a trench that is almost like a dress, it is so cute).

Kay, well that's all for now!

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