Sunday, November 23, 2008

Favorite Colors and Signature Scents

I am currently without a favorite color OR a signature scent. How sad is that?

I used to love gold (yes, I do consider it a color) and I still have feelings for it - basically I still like gold stuff: purses, wallets, etc - but when fall '08 came in, I fell for purple, fall's big "it" color. But I am sick and tired of purple. Seriously, I OD'd on it, and now I can't stand the stuff. Sigh.
So I'm not sure if I want to go back to gold or if I like turquoise better (my favorite color from 5th grade, haha).

Ah, relationships.

But I also don't have a signature scent. I bought Angel (Thierry Mugler), but it's way too musky for day, really strong. I wear Light Blue (Dolce Gabbana) every day because my mom's best friend gave it to me and it smells good, but I don't think it's really ... me.
So I went to Nordstrom and sniffed perfumes until I could hardly smell anything. And I narrowed down my options to:
Viva La Juicy
Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb
Ralph by Ralph Lauren

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions (for either colors or scents) I would appreciate them. But don't bother suggesting Daisy (Marc Jacobs), any of the other RL perfumes, or Princess (Vera Wang).

Oh, and I am so over red.

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